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Auto Extreme appointed UK distributor of GlowShift gauges!

We are pleased to announce Auto Extreme have now been appointed as a UK distributor of GlowShift gauges!

Glowshift Gauges UK

GlowShift Gauges are world renowned for producing an impressive range of high quality and affordable gauges with an extensive variety of styles and options. Over time the GlowShift range of performance gauges and gauge pods has increased to include many of the most sought after gauges in the performance tuning market. GlowShift gauges continue to earn customer respect and loyalty with free technical support, one year warranty on all A pillar gauges and pillar gauge pods, affordable pricing and gauge accuracy!

GlowShift offer a wide variety of uniquely designed gauges offered at competitive prices with several styles to choose from, each offering their own set of abilities. The gauges have been featured at car shows, in magazines and by sponsored cars around the world! Glowshift gauges are produced in a 52mm size and will work with any 52mm gauge pillar, pillar pod or universal gauge pod.

Each of the skillfully designed glow gauges are produced with their own set of abilities and features directed towards providing the performance car enthusiast the most reliable set of information available. All of the designs include a selection of the most popular instruments used today in the tuning market including boost gauges. For those seeking a more advanced unit with high performance features, our Elite Ten Color lineup offers ten color illumination technology along with high and low warnings, a peak recall function and a stepper motor. Our best-selling car gauges and diesel gauges include our boost gauge, wideband gauge, pyrometer gauge, transmission temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and exhaust temperature gauge.

GlowShift also supply a wide variety of car specific and universal single, dual or triple gauge pods. All mounting hardware required for a pillar pod setup is included. Car specific gauge pods will comfortably fit 2 52mm gauges with universal pods include both 52mm and 60mm gauges sizes. Every gauge produced by Glowshift is crafted with the highest quality in mind and includes all vital senders and parts for a smooth and easy installation.